Model HS-760

  • Product Description

  • Features

  • Technical Parameters

  • Product Description:

  • Features

    · One touch recovery of refrigerant in system
    · Carry out the next motion automatically

    · Environmental protection due to the recycling of refrigerant
    · Remove the used freezing oil
    · Vacuumizing the system,clean the residue in system
    · Maintain the vacuity in detector system,make it easier for service
    · High-precision electric scale,make the recharging be more precision
    · Complement freezing oil,increase the life of system

  • Technical Parameters:

    · Working voltage:220V/50Hz
    · Rate of recovery:270g/min
    · Rate of Vacuum pump:120L/min

    · Charging rate:≥20g/s
    · Chargeing accuracy:±10g
    · Compressor:3/8HP
    · Applicable refrigerants:R12,R134A
    · Cylinder Volume:12L

    · Processing capacity of dry filter:100KGS

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