CVS Red Copper Check Valve

  • Product Description

  • Product Model

  • Technical Parameters

  • Product Description:

    ·CVS red copper diaphragm check valve is of a diaphragm self-suction design, which has a red copper tube full hermetic valve body structure with inside filter screen, magnetic and PTFE coated metal diaphragm. Therefore, the check valve self-closing will not be influenced by the angle of installation or the reversal pressure. It enjoys a lot of advantages such as the minimum flow resistance, high flow rate and almost zero leakage in reverse operation.

  • Product Model:

    Type Port Dimension d(in) Copper Tube OD D(mm) Max.Working Pressure(MPa) Liquid Refrigeration Capacity(KW) Fiter Screen Mesh Number L(mm)
    CVS-6 1/4 Φ22 5.5 6.8 40 102
    CVS-10 3/8 Φ22 5.5 14.2 40 102
    CVS-12 1/2 Φ28.6 5.2 38.2 40 127
    CVS-16 5/8 Φ28.6 5.2 42.6 40 127
    CVS-19 3/4 Φ41 4.1 79.7 40 178
    CVS-22 7/8 Φ41 4.1 108.5 40 178
    CVS-28 1-1/8 Φ54 4 188.5 40 212
    CVS-35 1-3/8 Φ54 4 232.8 40 212
    CVS-42 1-5/8 Φ79.4 3 397.7 40 265
    CVS-54 2-1/8 Φ79.4 3 691.1 40 265
    CVS-67 2-5/8 Φ105 3 927.3 40 330
    CVS-79 3-1/8 Φ105 3 1262.5 40 330

  • Technical Parameters:

    Applicable Refrigerants: HCFC, HFC

    Applicable Medium Temperature: -40℃~+130℃

    Maximum Working Pressure: Refer to the attached Specification sheet

    Minimum Opening Valve Pressure Differential: △P=0.03MPa


    1、red copper tube valve body; 2、filter screen; 3、valve seat; 4、magnet; 5、diaphragm; 6、support; 7、protective cap


    The brass valve seat, the diaphragm self-suction structure design and the inside filter screen make the produce with both filter and check valve functions.

    The self-closing of the check valve will not be restricted by the angle of installation, neither be influenced by the reversal pressure.

    The higher external sealing performance is ensured by the red copper tube full hermetic valve body structure.

    The universal ODF port is convenient in replacement. ODF port size: 1/4”~3-1/8”.

    It has high flow rate and minimum flow resistance.

    Straight-through type product is compact and lightweight with almost zero leafage in reverse operation.

    With PTFE coated metal diaphragm, it is applicable to all types of refrigerants and the applicable medium temperature: -40℃~+130℃


    CVS red copper diaphragm check valve is used on the exhaust pipe of the compressor to prevent the condensed liquid refrigerant flowing back to the compressor.